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When Your Brand Needs More YOU!

You are the secret sauce in your business, so what's holding you back?

We're covering everything to inspire you to take that next step forward and get into the spotlight.

  • Find strength in your values, branding and positioning.
  • Gain clarity in your business model and offer.
  • Leverage the right marketing insights, tools and tactics confidently and strategically.

Christina Jandali

How to Get Paying Clients with Facebook Groups

Renee Hribar

RH3 Closing Method for Sales Call Success

Trena Little

Create A Binge-Worthy YouTube Channel That Books You More Clients

Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

How to Position Your Brand to Be the First, the Best or the Only

Sarah Masci

Simplify and streamline to STAND OUT with a Day Rate business model

Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh

High Ticket Offers: The Key to Increasing Your Visibility & Credibility

Kimberly Crowe

How to Land Virtual Stages and Rock Your Revenue

Elsa Isaac

Rechannel Your Energy so How You Look on the Outside Matches How You Feel on the Inside


Amelia Roberts

Referrals by Design: Virtual Speaking Tours

Mary Czarnecki

How to Use (Real) Audience Insights to Make Your Offer Irresistible!

Mallory Schlabach

How to Transform Your Website into A Marketing Machine

Layne Booth

The Old Way vs the New Way to Grow Your Client-focused Business


Lisa Mullis

Features, Benefits & Outcomes — How to Leverage All Three to Write Winning Copy

Jennifer Covington

How To Market Yourself, Authentically

Gaelle LeCourt

Scaling up through authentic visibility and simplicity

Natalie Gingrich

Knowing + Honoring Your Values


Deidre Tansey

The Shocking Truth About Social Media Algorithms: They don’t exist! Not the way we think they do…

Nicki Chang-Powless

The Key to a Successful Marketing Strategy

Monica Monfre

Get Real on Reels

Jana Osofsky

Attract Ideal Clients - on Autopilot! - Using Pinterest!


Abby Herman

How to Experiment with Your Content Strategy

Louise Brogan

How to Use LinkedIn to Win Business

Jordan Lacenski

The First-Thing-First Approach to Branding

Emma Weatherall

How to Transform Your Organic Content to Attract Your Soul-Mate Clients with Ease


Lori Nordstrom

Simple Systems for Staying Connected

Audra King

Streamline Your Biz To Match Your Ideal Lifestyle

Kristin Arilus

How To Make Money While Pivoting In Your Business

Terri Burke

Smile! It's Time for More than a Headshot



Your business is your baby and, just like with parenting, there's always someone ready to tell you what you should be doing.

It's up to you to recognize the right next step to grow the business of your dreams and to nurture your brand.

You're in charge!

But you aren't alone.

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